Hold your goddamn horses, Poms x Pared just released another collab

The Gatto is back, baby.

You can officially get excited because this excellent news. The Gatto is back, baby.

Yes, Poms and Pared have re-released the famed style which, according to a press release in our inbox, was “heavily coveted by the hip crowd last season.”

Yes. Love. 

This marks the third creative partnership between long time friends Adriana Giuffida (POMS) and Samantha Stevenson (Pared), who collaborated for the first time in Summer 2014 with the Halva and Turkish Delight sunnies. 

You can score the Gatto online now from the Poms and Pared websites, but move quickly. The frames just dropped yesterday and “the hip crowd” will want in.

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