Diary of a MSFW volunteer: Part Two

Two days older, two days wiser.

Five shifts down and the end of fashion week is nigh. The glitter hasn’t yet faded from what is one of the most exciting weeks in the year, though a 12-hour shift had me itching for a drink. And not of mineral water.

Following the lessons learnt in my first few days as an MSFW volunteer, I have grown two days older and hence, two days wiser. Here’s a few key pearls I’ve picked up in this time.

Don’t ever take a photo with a model

If you want to maintain any trace of self-esteem, don’t stand next to a model and for the love of god, don’t take a photo with one. I strongly believe we’re all beautiful, but those of us in more externally obvious ways than others. 

Leave early and you’re a fool

The promise of food, bed and Wi-Fi is an impassable offer after a shift, but stick around a little longer and you might be surprised. If you happen to finish a shift just before a runway show is set to start, keep your lanyard on and head up to the balcony. It might not be a floor seat, but you still get to see the show (and it’s all free). 

Why can’t my resting bitch face look like that?

A model nails the icy, expressionless gaze ever so well. My resting bitch face, however, is probably cold enough to turn people away and make small children cry.

You never know who you’re speaking to

It’s not celebs you have to worry about. Sponsors, directors, council members and even fathers of stylists all come through, just as often as fashion bloggers. While it can be terrifying not knowing these high profile folks, it ensures you treat every patron equally. A smile and a friendly chat might even get you a complimentary coffee voucher from a very sweet gentleman.

Being a door bitch ain’t all that bad

Wearing an all-black uniform while you help direct the industry’s most fashionable folk is somewhat depressing. Likewise is becoming an unofficial photographer, capturing someone else’s ultimate Insta shot in front of the media wall. Directing people was much more pleasant than I had anticipated, however, with guests genuinely thankful for the help. A Nadia Bartel spotting wasn’t too bad either.

I ate something other than a wrap

It’s a good day when the volunteer fridge is stocked with food other than wraps. I went straight for the gnocchi bolognese and it went straight to my hips. No regrets. 

I actually got stressed out

My time at Fashion Week has been pretty breezy so far. From having casual chats with immaculately dressed women to steaming outfits, there hasn’t been a single moment of anxiety. That was until I sent my model off in her fourth outfit instead of the third, and realised *just* as she was walking off. If it weren’t the rehearsal, you’d have found me in the foetal position under the stage. 

One more shift to go and I’ve officially completed my first year as a MSFW vollie. I’ve not only gained a new tee, but I’ve met some amazingly hardworking people, made great friends and sorted my inspiration for the next season. Farewell MSFW, you’ve been great.


Image via Twylamae

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