Karen Walker’s production staff are the models in her new campaign

A step toward transparency.

In a time of political chaos, Karen Walker has designed a collection that encapsulates the revolution she believes we are on the brink of.

Aptly titled Mutiny, the Spring/Summer ’17 collection is as bold as is it utilitarian.

It features denim in all shapes and sizes: raw-hemmed, oversized, overstitched and belted. Coloured garments range from bright orange and blue, to softer tones like a subtle pink and grey.

There is also a strong nautical theme throughout, evident through stripes, bowties and the Mutiny slogan tees.

As for accessories, Walker’s signature frames are featured bigger than ever, in wirey shapes that perch precariously on the nose.

In a further nod to the revolution, Walker has used her own patternmakers, dispatch, design and production team as the models in her campaign. It follows on from Transformer, in which Walker selected herself to model.


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