The new Jacquemus campaign is literally just a bunch of models piled on top of each other

Stacks on.

Tbh, if anyone was going to launch a collection by piling eccentrically dressed bodies on each other, it was going to be Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Premiered exclusively through Dazed, his AW16 campaign features fun and playful colours sported by models squeezed on a Parisian bench.

The ad is a collab with choreographer Willi Dorner and comes as a take on Dorner’s ‘Bodies in Urban Spaces’ project. Essentially, the project entails squeezing unidentifiable, brightly dressed groups into tight spaces, like doorways and stairwells.

“The challenge for me in this special case was to arrange the models as an interesting body sculpture on the one hand, but to make sure at the same time that the clothes don’t lose anything from their impression,” Dorner said of the project.

Also probably to make sure they could breathe.


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