Nicopanda drops at Opening Ceremony

A unisex line off the streets of Harajuku.

Cult brand Nicopanda’s first unisex RTW collection designed by Nicola Formichetti drops today at Opening Ceremony. 
Formichetti’s been very busy post-Mugler, creating this distinctively kawaii line for rebel hearts. The subculture obsessed designer has created a beautiful signature mix of punk and girly with ruffles, baby pink and blue colour blocking, punk metalwork and of course pandas. 
The Tokyo native noted, “I wanted to figure out a full fashion collection, but still Nicopanda—so I wanted to make it very cute. I believe it’s Harajuku sportswear.”
“This is a collection for a try-anything culture, ready to mix it up. You’re either brave enough to wear it, or you’re not.” 
Complete with panda eared caps, this both masculine and girly collection is bound to make you look like you’ve just walked off the streets of Harajuku. 
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