Streetwear icons immortalised in LEGO

Lego men with street cred.

You can now find your favourite streetwear icons on a very well dressed LEGO man.

Created by self-proclaimed LEGO addict Adly Syairi Ramly, each man is designed after a streetwear brand’s founders, proving that LEGO isn’t just for kids. 

With the likes of NEIGHBORHOOD’s Shinsuke Takizawa, FUCT’s Erik Brunetti, maharishi’s Hardy Blechman, fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara, Supreme’s James Jebbia, JUICE’s Kevin Poon and Edison Chen, Black Scale’s MEGA and Alfred De Tagle, NIGO, SSUR’s Ruslan Karablin, Shawn Stussy, Shepard Fairey, Undefeated’s Eddie Cruz and James Bond, the options are endless. 

Fellow addicts can follow Adly Syairi Ramly’s Instagram, to catch the latest LEGO man with street cred. 



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