Northland is kicking off the new season with a series of special events

Dance meets fashion.

This year, Northland is launching the autumn/winter fashion season a little differently.

The shopping centre is set to hold Fashion Fusion. It’s a series of events presented by Australian Style Institute taking place this week to showcase seasonal trends, from premium Northland retailers, in an unconventional way.

On Thursday March 30, the team at Australian Style Institute will head to Northland to lead a styling masterclass. Guests have the chance to attend a talk by ASI director, Lauren Di Bartolo, as she goes over how to nail key winter trends.

Seasonal looks will then be showcased on Friday March 31 – but this is no conventional runway.

Dancer Arna Singleton has choreographed a performance which will present the winter fashion on offer at Northland. The showcase will feature a crew of talented dancers, including Serena Mezzadra, Katie Griffiths and Madison Beck.

Make sure you book your spot here.


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