Paper fashion editor fired after ripping into intern over email

A win for interns everywhere.

Paul-Simon Djite no longer holds the title of Paper magazine fashion editor. 

In an event much like the stuff of throwaway fiction and unrealistic movies, Djite sent a group email to designers following a run-in with Paper intern, Kierra Webster. 

Accused of posing as Djite’s assistant to access fashion shows, Kierra was described in the email as “real s**t”. 

“An intern trying to bulls**t her way into shows,” the former editor wrote.

But here’s our personal favourite, the wonderfully composed, highly metaphorical:

“Burn and dump the corpse of her communications in internet landfill.”

Following the email, Paper fired the fashion editor. While Djite’s position at the magazine is now vacant, Webster still holds a place as intern. 

Take this as a win for interns everywhere.


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