RBK SHOP is bringing you John Yuyi

Swimwear like you’ve never seen.

Contemporary, computerised art, clay moulded into everyday objects of mundanity… on your swimsuit.

Available online through RBK SHOP, Taiwanese designer John Yuyi has released her Clay Project Swimsuit line, which heralds focus on the unconventional. Yuyi already understands the consumer. She has harnessed people’s tendency to be more adventurous when buying swimsuits rather than casual wear, and has printed her unconventional, internet-inspired prints on pastel spandex.

As a space to promote upcoming Taiwanese designers, RBK SHOP also holds jewellery line Library Brass, by artist Chiayi. The quirky accessories flow in accordance with the body’s natural lines and workings, the smooth and the mechanical, to conceptually decorate the wearer.


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