The latest trend sweeping Taiwan is wearing 7-Eleven plastic bags

Cue the trashy puns.

Talk about fast fashion, Taiwan has taken the term a little too literally. The latest Taiwanese fashion trend involves guys and gals wearing 7-Eleven plastic bags as clothes.

Kudos to their originality. Trashy participants are using the handles as shoulder straps and turning the bags into a plastic leotard or top.

Not just limited to the petrol-pumping chain, it seems any convenience store bag can be used. And like all trends, it didn’t happen unless it’s commemorated in a selfie on social media.

You might expect it to stand for a bigger issue like wastefulness or commercialism in the fashion industry. It doesn’t. The weirdest thing about the craze is it doesn’t seem to stand for anything at all – and that they’re posing shamelessly.

Unsurprisingly, it’s receiving a bit of hate on social media and doesn’t look like it’s set to become a worldwide craze. Our advice? Keep using your bags as bags.

Via Complex.

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