The Devil Wears Prada is turning into a musical

Hold on to your Loubs.

It’s getting pretty trendy to turn super fun movies into Broadway babies and The Devil Wears Prada is next in line to hit the big stage.

Musical producer, Kevin McCollum is bringing it to life. This is the same guy who produced Avenue Q and Rent so it better be good.

He also plans to turn Ever After, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Mrs. Doubtfire into musicals. Basically he’s going to be ridiculously busy trying to meet everyone’s ridiculously high expectations.

Legally Blonde was a pretty big hit. And a Mean Girls and Bring It On musical in the works too? They know what’s up.

Who will play Andy? Or more importantly, WHO will play Miranda Priestly? We’re hoping Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep will fill the roles again but it seems unlikely.

A million girls would kill for this job.

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