The FJ Guide to: Choosing the right suit

A daunting task made easy. Kinda.

So you need to buy a suit.

Well (as you’ve probably already realised), choosing the right suit can be a daunting task, especially when most of us aren’t blessed with the Adonis-like body of Brad Pitt circa ’99. So we’re just gonna have to make do with what we’ve got.

To help you tackle this one head on, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and dont’s to help you pick out the right suit for your body type.


  • Opt for heavier fabrics to compensate your slim figure.
    Heavy fabrics such as wool add weight and proportion to your body. Lighter fabrics hang loosely from your body, making the suit look oversized and you look ridiculous.
  • Go for centre or no vent.
    The purpose of a vent is to allow better movement and make room for your rear area. Seeing as slim men don’t have much of a rear, no vent is the best option, but if you’re intent on something a little more stylish, go for centre vent.
  • Wear pants with regular rise.
    Regular rise pants even out the body proportion of your already long legs.


  • Buy an oversized jacket.
    Wrapping yourself in a suit fit for two ain’t going to make you look bigger buddy. Keep it slim.
  • Pick a suit with dark colour.
    Dark colours have been proven to give the illusion of a slender silhouette (der). What you gents need is to add bulk to your body. In this case, go for something of a lighter colour.


  • Show your cuffs.
    A peek of cuff on your wrists gives the illusion of longer arms. Now that you have longer arms, you’d wanna even them out with longer legs. Therefore, you’d wanna…
  • Opt for low-rise pants.
    Exaggerating the proportion of your limbs, low rise pants can make you look taller. Winning.
  • Rock the double vents.
    The best thing about being short is that you can pull off the ever so stylish double vents. It helps to accentuate the outline of your body, making you look Michael Jordan-tall from afar. Well, almost.


  • Touch that long suit.
    No matter how amazing it looks on that other guy, don’t succumb to that temptation. Stick to short suit mate.


  • Succumb to the dark side.
    This is pretty much self-explanatory. Dark colours = slimmer looks.
  • Opt for pleated pants.
    Wearing pleated pants where the beginning of the pleats rests on your waist (not your thighs) helps to create sleek looking silhouettes. Ohhh yeah.


  • Put on a large suit.
  • When you’re bulky, your first instinct is to hide your body. Wearing roomy suits isn’t going to help, in fact, you’ll end up looking sloppy. Trust us on this one, go for a dark-coloured fitted suit.
  • Buy suits with heavy fabric.
    You don’t want to be adding weight to an already bulky frame, so lightweight fabric is your go-to for looking slender and swanky. 
  • Go for a double vent.
    Double vent, as good as it looks, draws the eye to the backside. For anyone who has a little more junk in the trunk, what you’d want to do is steer attention away from it. Centre vent works perfectly for this body type.
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