There’s a new app making outfit decisions easier, also promoting body confidence

Thumbs up.

Deciding what outfit to wear is about as difficult as choosing what to name your child. Or cat. Or new indoor plant. Gosh darn hard.

But fear not, sartorially-challenged friend, for there’s a new app that’ll have your back should you feel the need to burn your entire wardrobe and run away and join a nudist colony.

Dress Connect is the new private social app designed to make deciding outfits a little easier.

Through the app, users are invited to upload photos to share with friends and ask for instant feedback on which outfit is more suitable.

It’s kind of like having your closest 20 friends in the changeroom with you. 

“There’s nothing remotely like it,” says Dress Connect founder, Kellie Claire.

She’s pretty much right. It’s far more efficient that texts left on ‘read’ and overwhelming Facebook group chats.

It’s also far better than that helicopter sales assistant that keeps calling you babe and telling you that a potato sack looks ‘sewww good on you!’

The digital style app has three key features, keeping it easy to navigate.

The ‘Journal’ is a space to keep track of what you’ve worn to which event, ordered chronologically, to avoid the dreaded horror of outfit repeating.

‘Events’ acts in a similar way a group chat would, with users able to chat with fellow event-goers, share photo inspiration, outfit ideas, and vote and comment on potential outfits.

Finally, the app has an ‘Outfit Feedback’ section where you can upload photos to send to your friends, set a timer for reply (a first for a style app) and wait for their responses.

Each profile is private and friends must be added. This can be done through Facebook or your contacts list, so you won’t accidentally forget to invite one of your friends like you did at your last birthday drinks. 

For an app two years in the making, the idea is pretty revolutionary. 

It was born when Kellie took a trip to Fiji for a friend’s wedding with a bunch of girlfriends. 

With a cocktail party, a hen’s day and a wedding to plan outfits for, it was just like one of those rom-com scenes with a montage of women trying zany outfits with a catchy pop song in the background.

And while reenacting scenes from movies is fun and all, Kellie couldn’t help but wonder if there was an easier way to facilitate this exchange of feedback. 

The message in the app’s tagline, ‘Be confident in what you wear’, is key to the idea behind Dress Connect. 

“I want it to be a place where women feel good about themselves,” says Kellie. 

“I won’t stand for any negativity on the app. There actually isn’t a negative or ‘no’ button. I deliberately did that because I want users to only respond to someone if it’s going to be positive.”

With other social apps like Instagram taking measures to ensure hate isn’t spread, it’s refreshing to see that others are aware and active in promoting positivity.

The app is free for iPhone and available from the App Store.


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