There’s a new delivery service that sends you presents every month


The word Shifuku in Japanese has a double meaning.

Definition one: supreme bliss.
Definition two: a small silk pouch. 

Combine the two and you’ll see exactly what the company of the same name is all about. 

Shifuku is a new service that sends you bespoke fashion presents every month. Think of it as a Bellabox, but better.

Arriving at your doorstep, boxes include anywhere from four to seven bona fide full-sized items (NOT samples). What’s inside spans fashion, beauty, homewares and more, and all of it is handpicked especially for you. 

But the creators of Shifuku are dedicated to more than just making you more than happy every month. Their motto is to ‘help a sister out,’ so 10 per cent of every Shifuku subscription goes towards stopping human trafficking.

Subscriptions are monthly and are priced at $89. To join the fun, all you have to do is sign up.


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