This coat has been valued at over $1 million

Karl Lagerfeld’s million dollar baby.

Because a show featuring only fur wasn’t controversial enough, Karl Lagerfeld included a coat in Fendi’s most recent collection with an estimated worth of over $1 million.

In an interview with WWD earlier this year, Lagerfeld spoke about the price of fur and how it is “unbelievable” that fur coats can be more expensive than a house. In a hypocritical plot twist, this coat was made from super pricey sable fur – and then every single follicle was coated in silver. 

It’s fair to say that Fendi’s first haute fourrure show ruffled a few feathers with animal activists, particularly PETA. Not one to shy away from controversy, Karl Lagerfeld responded with some classic reasoning to put those pesky morals at ease.

“Furs are rarer and rarer. That means that activists don’t have to be too angry because there is less and less and it becomes more and more expensive.” 

Now kids, that’s some logic you can take to the bank. Maybe it can help pay for that coat…

Image via Dazed.

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