Ganni and Levi’s have joined forces and created a rental-only capsule collection


A first in rental denim.

Levi’s is kind of on a roll with sustainable fashion at the moment. First recycled-denim jeans and now a rental-only capsule collaboration with beloved Danish fashion brand Ganni. I’m definitely not complaining. A first for both brands, the rental-only pieces can never be owned, but the idea is that they’ll always be loved. In fact, the collaboration’s name Love Letter is an ode to the longevity and timelessness of Levi’s 501 jeans. 

The collaboration consists of three staple designs: a button-down shirt, the aforementioned 501s and a shirt dress. All the pieces are designed to be versatile and allow for individual styling choices. Think detachable collars and belts and adjustable waistlines, which let you choose between a low or a high waisted fit – cool, huh? Plus, the collaboration features Ganni’s playful signatures like peter pan collars, voluminous sleeves and patchwork, which bring the durable designs to life. 

Although the collection is centred on being circular, the pieces themselves are also made sustainably, using a mixture of upcycled vintage Levi’s and repurposed denim. Still confused by the whole rental thing? Well, firstly, the collection is only available across America and Europe for now. I know, life can be so unfair.

It’s also exclusive to Ganni Repeat, the label’s online rental platform. It turns out the process is pretty simple. You just shop the collection like you would any online store. Only, instead of paying to own, you can pay to rent an item from anywhere between one and three weeks. Once you’re done, it’s as easy as sending the garment back for free in a supplied reusable bag or ‘repack’.

I know this already sounds like stepping into the future of fashion, but it actually gets even more 2030. The love letter idea is about sharing in the love of great denim, you know, the kind that magically gets better with every wear. In the spirit of that love, and to bring women together, Ganni and Levi’s have designed a digital experience with connected experience agency Sharpend.

Using innovative technology, renters can use their smartphone to tap a patch on the garment and gain access to a secret digital world. The wearer will be able to unlock exclusive content, or ‘love letters’, from past renters, the Ganni team and global campaign shoots. It’s the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants meets modern-circular fashion. 

You can head here to find out more about the Levi’s x Ganni rental-only capsule. 


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