Iconic Aussie brands Crumpler and Tigerlily have joined forces


Because we’re stronger together. 

It’s time for a spot of good fashion news. In light of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the Australian retail sector, iconic Aussie bag manufacturer Crumpler is lending operational and resource support to equally iconic Aussie fashion label Tigerlily. 

Commencing last week, the two brands began sharing offices, IT and warehousing functions. Led by Crumpler’s CEO Adam Wilkinson, the partnership will help increase Tigerlily’s efficiency, while reducing its operational costs.  

Although the two brands are sharing resources where possible, we regret to inform you this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing Tigerlily-designed Crumplers anytime soon.

“Crumpler and Tigerlily remain separate businesses with independent identity and aesthetic, as well as individual design, marketing and customer support teams,” says Wilkinson. 

This partnership does mean, however, that these two brands will survive the pandemic-induced age of rapid retail closures. “This shared approach will allow both brands to streamline costs and create more robust financial efficiencies, particularly in light of the unfolding COVID-19 impact on the retail sector,” says Wilkinson. 

Born in Melbourne 1995, Crumpler addresses the needs of bicycle couriers and regular people looking for aesthetically-pleasing yet, cleverly-designed messenger bags.

The new partnership with Tigerlily is made possible by the brand’s recent three-year growth period, including its entry into the South-East Asian market and its ongoing partnerships with the Australian Open. Founded in 2000, Tigerlily is a Sydney-based brand and one of Australia’s leading swimwear labels.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Crumpler’s debut in the Australian market and just last year Tigerlily celebrated its 20th birthday. Now, thanks to this new partnership, both brands can look forward to the many birthdays to come. 


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