Inflatable puffer jackets are here in case you need more attention

Images via Michiko Koshino
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Twice the puff.

If you’ve ever looked at your puffer jacket and thought, ‘not quite puffy enough’, inflatable jackets have now entered the game.

Japanese and British label Michiko Koshino has released a selection of outerwear as part of its Inflatable collection. The range features unique waterproof jackets, handy for the upcoming rainy seasons.

Each piece is fashioned from PVC and can be worn either inflated or deflated. On offer are prints, metallics, neutrals and bolder orange. There’s even a camo piece just in case you don’t want to be spotted.

Ranging from roughly $350-$600, pick from simple styles to jackets with quirkier details like cat-shaped hoods.

Shop the Inflatable collection here.


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