Mary Katrantzou held a dramatic runway at the Temple of Poseidon

Images via Instagram
Words by Fashion Journal


Fit for the gods.

The Greek fashion designer has staged a dramatic runway show for her Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Overlooking the Aegean Sea on the top of Cape Sounion in Greece, the Temple of Poseidon hosted a swathe of models decked out in decadent couture constructions.

The clothes were ornate and festooned with explicit references to antiquity in Grecian culture such as Archimedean geometry, architectural columns, mythology and celestial constellations. Aristotle’s philosophical platitudes are literally embroidered into the fabric of one gown.

Despite feeling like a gratuitous (and perhaps over-the-top) celebration of Greece’s long history, the obviousness felt appropriate in such a dramatic location. This is what fashion should be about: artistry, culture, and storytelling.

You can get a glimpse of the atmospheric runway here.


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