Nike is releasing sneakers covered in AstroTurf for peak camouflage

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

In case your camo pants weren’t enough.

For anyone looking to broadcast their love of Mother Nature, Nike apparently has plans to release grassy golf sneakers.

According to multiple reports, the new Air Max 1 design will feature an AstroTurf-covered upper, with green laces and a white Nike swoosh peeking through.

Does camouflaging with the course improve your golf game? Are you trying to psych out your opponents by making them think you have no feet? We have a lot of questions.

While a textured gum rubber sole is designed to give you traction on the golf course, don’t let that stop you from incorporating these kicks into your wardrobe. They’ll blend in just as well at your local park or Bunnings garden section.

Nike is yet to announce a release date, but the shoes are expected to drop soon at a retail price of USD$140.


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