Paris Hilton wearing glasses to cut onions on her YouTube cooking show is surely a joke

Words by Olivia Hart


If you’re “in the know” then you must be well aware that Paris Hilton is an amazing cook. Apparently.

Kicking off 2020 with the most perfect video, Paris Hilton has gifted us with a YouTube video of her – and her assistant chef chihuahua, Diamond Baby – teaching us how to make lasagna.

Wearing fingerless gloves, or “chef gloves” as she calls them, she guestimates measurements while complaining about her day and having to shred mozzarella for the recipe but “whatever, life could be worse”.

Pausing in the middle to upload a quick Twitter post and then spraying herself with unicorn mist (not near the food of course), she drops some pearls of wisdom:

“If you have long hair be careful not to light it on fire when you turn the stove on, always stay hydrated and if you accidentally get carried away and add 11 grinds of pepper (because 11:11, it’s lucky you guys!) then you can always dab it off with a towel.”

We hope she never stops making #CookingWithParis videos because That’s Hot.

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