Wanderluxe makes women’s PJs inspired by tailored menswear

Words by Fashion Journal


Wanderluxe Sleepwear has recently launched its second range, aptly titled Collection No.2.

Inspired by Savile Row tailoring, but reinterpreted for the female form, the brand has created the ultimate luxe ‘his shirt for her’.

Like the brand’s debut collection, the new drop arrives in simple shapes, classic stripes and fresh colours.

Founder Sherri Kiernikowski grew up around her family’s suiting business, and it was this influence that led her to create a feminine line of sleepwear with a masculine edge.

Also central to the label is an emphasis on luxury and timeless styles, which prompted Sherri to develop a line of signature fabrics exclusive to Wanderluxe. Expect soft cotton blends that will have you falling asleep in seconds.

With PJs as good as these, you’ll never want to get out of bed.


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