Book review: Brutally Honest

Words by Tara Smith

A candid insight.

I’ll admit I didn’t know too much about the life of Mel B before I picked up Brutally Honest.

Aside from a few headlines here and there, Mel B seemed to be the loud, funny Spice Girl with a near-perfect life. But her tell-all memoir proved just how wrong I was.

Behind all the success and fame, Mel B reveals a heartbreaking story of pain, abuse and loss. Her book goes far beyond describing the life of a Spice Girl – instead detailing a 10-year battle in an allegedly abusive relationship and ultimately, a suicide attempt.

Coupled with the star’s trademark humour, Brutally Honest offers a candid insight into the woman everyone thinks they know. A worthwhile and emotional read that’ll have you cheering (and crying) from the sidelines.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 186. You can read it here.

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