Book review: I Touched a Cat and I Liked It

Words by Leah White

The most superior of domestic companions.

Apart from having an excellent name, I Touched a Cat and I Liked It has a lot going for it.

First up, it’s about the most superior of domestic companions: cats.

Secondly, it’s packed full of excellent illustrations – the book is written and illustrated by Able and Game’s Anna Blandford. But take this as a warning – if you’re not a serious cat lover, this book may seem quite pointless and inane. It’s literally 125 pages of cute cat pictures, peppered with feline facts and other random snippets of fun but essentially useless information.

Inside its pages, the author breaks down topics such as decoding feline facial expressions, explaining the different types of kitty head bumps (there’s a few) and how to throw a party for your cat.

If you’ve ever wondered what your cat is thinking when it looks at you with absolute disdain, this book might hold the answer.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 185. You can read it here.

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