Book Review: The Smoothie Manifesto

Smoothies to write home about.

Bannie Williams is a model, nutritionist, health consultant and now, author. Her debut release brings together over 50 smoothie recipes, tried, tested and refined by Bannie over the course of her career.

Split into four categories (Rise and Shine, Everyday Elixirs, Sweet Delights and Skin Smoothies), it takes on flavours usually reserved for dessert. Think cheesecake, carrot cake and caramel macchiato.

All recipes are formulated to be dense, delicious and filling, in line with Bannie’s ethos to nourish the body with as many nutrients as possible.

Note, it’s pretty heavy on the avocado and banana. You may want to steer clear if you’re not into that. 

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 166. You can read it here.

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