Byredo’s founder is collaborating with Ikea on a range of affordable candles


Indulgence tends to come with a price to match, particularly when it comes to fragrance. I almost fell out of my chair when I learnt that Fornasetti candles can cost over $970, or that there’s a Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance that borders on $1000. Luxury Swedish fragrance and fashion house, Byredo, is no exception.

But it looks like we’ll soon be able to pamper ourselves with Byredo scents without having to feel guilty about draining our savings, thanks to a new Ikea collaboration announced today.

The Osynlig collection is Ikea’s inaugural project with Byredo founder, Ben Gorham. It offers no less than 13 affordable scented candles, categorised into three bases – floral, woody and fresh.

At a price ranging from $9.99 to $49, I am secretly screaming. The days of passing by Byredo counters unable to bring them home are now behind me.

The visual design of the canisters themselves are worth collecting, too. Each candle jar is glazed with a blend of two colours reflecting the title notes. While a triangle marking symbolises the top, middle and base notes.

At Byredo, scent has always been about provoking memories and translating these into products we can bring into homes. “Smell is a very relevant part of the home, and it creates a sense of comfort and security,” says Gorham. The name Osynlig, the Swedish word for invisible, emphasises Gorham’s aspiration to create scents that touch on people’s moods and emotions. Because it’s not just what your home looks like that affects how you feel.

“It was never about making scented candles as much as it was about encouraging the many people to tap into memories, other abstract things, as they construct their own homes, and not just people who can afford to experiment with really great, expensive scents,” says Ikea creative lead, James Futcher.

The Osynlig collection will launch in Australia from February 1, 2021.


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