You can now rent a Harry Potter-themed apartment

Images via Zac and Zac
Words by Tara Smith

No Dursleys in sight.

Bust out your Gryffindor robe, you can now rent a Harry Potter-themed apartment in Edinburgh.

Canongate Luxury Apartment is no ordinary muggle retreat. It features a Gryffindor master bedroom complete with a four-poster bed, a Hogwarts Express bedroom and a loungeroom designed to look like the Gryffindor common room.

If, like myself, you find you’re more of a Hufflepuff, you’ll be pleased to know the house is full of references to all houses (even Slytherin).

The space even includes a number of pieces once owned by J.K Rowling herself, including an antique desk and a mirror.

A night in Hogwarts Canongate will set you back roughly $330. Better book those flights.

Check out the apartment here.


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