Coca-Cola is launching Orange Vanilla Coke like it’s no big deal

Image via Coca-Cola
Words by Sarah Pradolin

Flavour of the month.

Considering Vanilla Coke is arguably one of the greatest soft drink flavours ever invented, Coca-Cola’s latest news has us pretty excited.

The soft drink giant has introduced a brand new flavour to the market – Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla – and we are curious to give it a taste-test.

According to Coca-Cola US, this is the brand’s first trademark flavour since the re-release of Coca-Cola Vanilla in 2007 (after it was originally discontinued in 2002).

Inspired by summer, it’s is rumoured to have a taste reminiscent of creamy orange icy poles but with a classic Coca-Cola twist, of course.

No word yet whether Orange Vanilla will be rolling out across Aus, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled.


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