A CEO is hiring a personal designer to travel the world with her and her dogs

Image via Legally Blonde
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Passports at the ready.

If you’re a designer who also happens to love dogs, you might want to free up your calendar for the next 12 months.

A fashion-conscious CEO (known simply as Jan) is looking to hire a personal designer – one that will accompany her and her two pups around the world.

While joining Jan on her travels throughout East Asia, North America, Europe and Aus, the appointed designer will be creating her tailor-made wardrobe. Tinier iterations for Jan’s two dogs will also be required, à la Elle Woods and Bruiser in Legally Blonde.

In an email to Sewport, the CEO describes her ideal candidate as someone ‘young who has fresh ideas’, with ‘at least five years’ experience in the fashion industry’.

If you weren’t already enticed by the travel perks and puppy outfits, the role also promises a £40,000 salary, with all expenses paid.

Spruce up your resumes, and head here to apply.

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