The Glutton Shake

Clean eating is different to clean drinking, yeah?

While we’re all for #fitspo and being generally healthy, that doesn’t mean we aren’t in for a cheat treat once in a while. 

4 tbsp Nutella
2 tbsp malted milk drink powder
500 ml milk (skinny, low fat, full fat, no fat, whatevs)
100g dark chocolate (melted)
Salted pretzels
4 cinnamon doughnuts (store bought) 

1. Smear a tablespoon of Nutella around the bottom of two glasses. 

2. In a food processor, blend the remaining Nutella with milk and the malted milk powder. 

3. Smear the outside rim of each glass with chocolate, then stick on pretzels. 

4. Pour milkshake into each glass, stopping 1cm below the rim. 

5.Dip doughnut with chocolate, top with second doughnut, then repeat. 

6. Place double-decker doughnuts on top of each shake, balancing with straws to make sure it does not overflow (too much). 

7. Add more pretzels. Gorge yourself. 


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