This dumpling nightlight is the only purchase you need to make today

Images via Smoko
Words by Tara Smith

How bao dat?

If you ask us, nothing sounds more peaceful than drifting off to sleep under the warm glow of a dumpling nightlight.

US-based accessories brand Smoko is making this dream a reality, with the release of a battery-operated dumpling light to watch over you as you sleep.

The Little B Dumpling Ambient Light is made from a soft silicone material, making it realistic enough to eat (almost). It’s equipped with a one-hour shut-off, making it the perfect nightlight to send you off to a cosy, dumpling-filled slumber.

The light is currently available for preorder, with estimated delivery from March 31. Best of all, you can snap it up for just $12 USD.

Head here to get yours.


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