This magic lamp features a light bulb that floats in mid-air

Image via idea3Di

No tricks here.

While it may look like an optical illusion, an Italian-based creative studio has designed a lamp with a floating light bulb.

The Levia lamp from Idea3di uses magnetic force to enable a light bulb to suspend in mid-air. It turns on via electromagnetic induction, using no batteries in the process.

To experience the ‘magic’, simply hold your light bulb near the head of the lamp until you feel the magnetic force. The LED filaments inside the bulb will turn on simultaneously, while you can turn it off via a touch-sensitive button on the base.

According to the brand’s Kickstarter page, the design has been years in the making – and it appears they’ve thought of everything. In the event of blackouts, accidental knocks and interrupted current flows, the bulb will forcefully attach itself to the upper part of the lamp.

You can watch a video on how it all works below, or pledge to the Kickstarter campaign here. Estimated delivery is July 2019.


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