8 prosecco-inspired gifts for your booze-loving friends


Words by Kaitlyn Wilson


Forget a white Christmas, we’re dreaming of a wine Christmas, filled with fizzy prosecco goodness.

A bottle of bubbles is probably already at the top of your gift list, but why not get a little more creative? We’re not saying don’t give us wine, definitely still give us wine. We’re not savages. 

But did you know there are plenty of other sparkling-inspired gift ideas?

We’ve rounded up eight of the best prosecco-inspired pressies perfect for your booze-loving buddy (or yourself, we won’t tell).

1. Prosecco mug

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most stressful.  This gift is great for someone who may – discreetly – need a little help getting through the day. Because let’s be real, Christmas Day is a job for wine, not coffee.

Grab yours here.

2. Prosec-HO-HO-HO jumper

So you’re saying we can rock festive sweaters, while expressing our love for prosecco in a way that doesn’t involve drinking an entire bottle? You had us at Christmas sweaters. But also, that drinking the entire bottle thing sounds pretty good. Why not both?

Get your drink (jumper) on here.

3. Prosecco pong

Prosecco pong board game

Drinking prosecco is fun enough already, but sometimes you need to up the ante. Containing 12 glasses and a ball, this classy take on beer pong is something every sparling lover needs in their life. Split the family into teams and see who’s still standing for Christmas dinner. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep the festive spirit alive.

Get your set now.

4. Prosecco lip balm

Sometimes the only thing getting you through the day is the thought of a glass of bubbles. Since day-drinking in public places (like work) is frowned upon, prosecco lip balm could be your ideal stocking filler. The fresh fruity flavour is the next best thing to sipping a glass, and as an added bonus you’ll get super soft lips too.

Shop this ultimate stocking stuffer here.

5. Prosecco necklace

Personalised accessories are great gifts, but instead of the standard name on a necklace thing, why not go for something a little more meaningful? Show your boozy bestie how well you know them with this prosecco necklace.

Available in sterling silver or rose gold, grab yours here.

6. Prosecco candle

Voluspa prosecco bellini candle

It’s starting to look (smell) a lot like prosecco. Candles are synonymous with Christmas and Christmas is synonymous with drinking. This is why a prosecco-scented candle is such a perfect pairing. Seriously, name a more dynamic duo, we’ll wait.

Get it here.

7. Prosecco art

Vintage Prosecco artwork

You know how sometimes you give people framed pictures of friends and family for Christmas? Well, this is basically the same thing. Plus these vintage-inspired artworks will bottle-pop some pizzazz back into any space.

Shop the range here.

8. ‘Sleeping off my proseccover’ pyjamas

Who doesn’t love a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas? And this is the perfect pair to cosy up in on Boxing Day. One, because they look super cute and comfortable, and two, because they’re accurate.

Shop your PJs here.

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