7-Eleven coffees are actually really good

Words by Giulia Brugliera

You can fight me on this.

As a person who lives in Melbourne, there are some truths I hate to let other people know. One is that I actually like Sydney. Another is that it’s been years since I last saw an AFL game.

And while these are still pretty well accepted by the general public, there remains one confession that has earned me a reputation akin to that of the antichrist. It is, as follows.

I love 7-Eleven coffee.

As a Melburnian, this seems to be a cardinal sin. How could I possibly enjoy a coffee that has not been touched by the skilled hand of a blessed barista? I swear, people visibly recoil with discomfort when I tell them this fact. I once had someone literally gasp in my face. But mostly, people just assume I don’t know what good coffee is.

The thing is, however, I do know.

I also know that 7-Eleven is not claiming its coffee to be better than a barista’s. If anything, it’s acknowledging, with its $1 price point, that 7-Eleven coffee is merely third as good as a well-trained barista’s.

This is true, I might add. A skilled hand will always beat the work of a 7-Eleven machine. I’m not some Nespresso-wielding psycho beast that rates machine-made coffee over that of, say, St Ali’s.

However, when it comes to a less experienced barista? A well-engineered machine will deliver better coffee, every. single. time.

The 30ml shot will not be extracted too quickly nor too slow. The milk will not burn. The beans will not be ground and left to sit and go stale. None of the common follies that can happen at the hands of a poorly trained barista, will happen.

Furthermore, let us not forget the myriad of other benefits 7-Eleven coffee provides.

  • Unless you’re in Outback Australia, there is always a 7-Eleven nearby
  • Need a kick before 6am? After 5pm? You can still get a coffee at 7-Eleven

Now, before we move on, I really, really want to stress that I don’t think 7-Eleven coffee is the best you can get. Most days I prefer my local barista who charges $4.00 for a skinny latte and always delivers 10/10 results.

But on those days when I’m too early, too late, too poor or too lazy for anything else, a 7-Eleven coffee is really, really good.

Turns out I’m not alone either. Recently, Domain published an interview in which Offspring heartthrob Eddie Perfect referred to 7-Eleven coffee as Melbourne’s best-kept secret.

“7/11 have coffees that are really good,” he accurately noted.

The interview unsurprisingly caused quite the stir on Domain’s Facebook page, racking up almost 500 comments, with most by 7-Eleven coffee fans like myself. (The link is here if you don’t believe me.)

While it does pose a lot of questions (primarily, why is this appearing on a property website?), the interview and accompanying commentary can only be taken as proof of one fact: 7-11 coffee is indeed, really good.

But don’t just take my, Eddie Perfect and 500 Facebook commentators’ word for it. I also have further proof. The lines.

These days, when I stroll into my local 7-Eleven for a morning pick-me-up, there are lines (lines!!!!) for the coffee. On a good day, there may be just one person in front of me. At worst, I’ve waited in line with over five other punters for my $1 cup.

And while most would roll their eyes at a line for morning coffee, I can guarantee you these machines are faster than any barista you’ve come across.

Just another reason to get around it.

Finally, in case you are still thinking it, no. This is not a sponsored post.* I’m just giving 7-Eleven coffee the acclaim it deserves.

*Although to anyone who works at 7-Eleven, I’m here if you need.

Illustration by TwylaMae who will also draw a picture of you (if you ask nicely).

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