You can now sleep like a baby thanks to this giant swaddle for adults

Images via Hatch Sleep
Words by Christina Karras

Sweet dreams.

Move over weighted blankets, a new product called the Sleep Pod has arrived. For $110 USD, you can now comfortably fall asleep in what can only be described as an adult swaddle.

The idea comes from a former Apple employee, Matt Mundt, who designed the Sleep Pod after being let down by the weighted blankets already on the market. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Matt claimed he had tried many blankets, but always felt like he was “getting squished like a panini”.

The Sleep Pod is his answer for even the most restless of sleepers. It works exactly like a baby’s swaddle, using a four-way stretch material so that a gentle pressure is applied to your entire body when you wriggle in.

The brand claims the calming pressure is supposed to reduce anxiety, help release melatonin, and achieve a better quality of sleep. Despite the fact that the Sleep Pod will have you looking like a giant burrito, reviews on the website claim users have ‘been sleeping like a baby’ since purchasing.

You can buy the Sleep Pod (or as we call it, the adult swaddle) for yourself here.


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