Here’s how to style a ‘hot girl side table’

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Words by Eleanor Wilson

The ‘hot girl’ trend has taken TikTok by storm, but what exactly is a ‘hot girl side table’ and how do you get one?

TikTok’s surge in popularity over the last few years has left a stark imprint on millennial and Gen Z culture. Aside from the uniquely choreographed dance trends, what TikTok has been able to do so well is enable strong community connection through the platform’s unique algorithm. The extent of subcultures on the app stretches from spiritual TikTok, all the way to niches such as [insert celebrity name] slander TikTok.

But one of the most prominent and widespread communities on TikTok is characterised by a unified collection of young womxn, commonly referred to as the ‘hot girl community’. Some find the notion of a community of ‘hot girls’ intimidating or perhaps somewhat cringeworthy. And while I can’t deny hot girls like to blur the lines of irony when it comes to the ‘gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss’ motto, there’s a lot more to being a hot girl than that. 

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For me, the hot girl is characterised by imperfection. It’s about being unapologetically yourself – stomach issues and mental illness included. We go for hot girl walks in Acne Studio scarves and matching tracksuit sets, while also sporting stress pimples and bras that definitely need a wash. We go to the club with a full face of makeup and fully grown body hair to match. 

The hot girl mentality welcomes the idea that womxn can entertain and rejoice in certain beauty ideals, while simultaneously rejecting others. It’s about knowing your worth and reclaiming your value as a womxn on your own terms, regardless of how well you fit into societal ideals. 

The ‘hot girl side table’ is just an extension of this mentality. If you were to take a peek at my own bedside table at the moment, yes, you’d see candles, a neat stack of books, and a pink checkered jewellery tray filled with shiny gold rings and necklaces. But you’d also find empty takeaway coffee cups, neglected sheets of Nurofen and Lexapro, and a scattered collection of spare change.  

My point is that styling a hot girl side table isn’t about making your life seem aesthetically pleasing or perfect – because frankly life is far from that. A hot girl side table, to me, is one that is a reflection of the mix of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that always exists in our lives. And with that, here’s how to style one of your own. 


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We all need to be hydrated, both inside and out, and the most obvious way to achieve this is by guzzling back water (obviously). If you’re fond of a fancy drinking experience, a glass or ceramic water jug with complementary tumblers is classy and timeless. If you’re more of a practical type of gal, a sleek water bottle is a necessity.

But hydration goes further than a little bit of H2O. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a cult classic in the beauty world, and is guaranteed to leave you with soft, hydrated lips (tried and tested – I approve!). The Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm is another lip product perfect for a hot girl side table, and while many of us neglect moisturising our hands, it’s another self-care practice that’s worth prioritising. The Byredo Gypsy Water Hand Cream both smells and feels amazing on the skin, and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a holy grail for many. 


Lighting is often the centrepiece of any side table, hot girl style or not. Ever since TikTok introduced me to the sunset projector lamp, I haven’t been able to imagine my space without a hazy aura-like glow, so the Catzon Projection LED would be my choice, hands down. 

Putting biases aside, a Himalayan Salt Lamp is another classic hot girl accessory, but if you want to be a little bit more unique, this green glass lamp is a vintage lover’s dream and would match seamlessly with colourful accessories. Alternatively, if your room decor is based around a more muted colour palette, the Lexi Lighting Ceramic Table Lamp is neutral in shade, but still includes a unique leaking paint detail. 

Flowers are another way to brighten your bedside table and your mood. Ember vases entered the scene earlier this year, and make for a great statement piece if white flowers are your thing. For those of us who gravitate toward colourful petals, a glass vase with a handle, like this one from Academy, is a timeless option. 

Fragrance is the final addition to the dream decor trio for your bedside table. A unisex candle like Malin + Goetz’s Dark Rum boasts the deep, sultry fragrance synonymous with the hot girl mentality. And if open flames make you nervous, incense gives off the same relaxed vibe, with the added bonus of stylish incense holders.  


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Hot girls stimulate… their brains. We all know books and bedside tables go together like Kylie and surprise pregnancy announcements. Okay, bad jokes aside, encouraging personal growth is another pillar of the hot girl mentality, so memoirs and introspective books are a must. Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love and Vex King’s Good Vibes Good Life are staples for navigating the first third of your life. 

As a chronic overthinker, a journal and to-do list are probably the most important things I have on my side table. So if like me, your brain goes into overdrive the minute you close your eyes to go to sleep, a nightly thought debrief is crucial. The Get Sh*t Done Notebook is a holy grail for planning out all of the daily responsibilities of a hot girl, and a basic journal like this classic Moleskine is perfect if you just need to get your thoughts out on a page. Definitely an affordable form of therapy if you ask me. 

Finally, we can’t touch on stimulation without exploring female pleasure. Not everyone will feel comfortable putting their sex toys on display, and that’s completely fine. But for those of us who unapologetically flaunt our colourful, silicone friends, it’s a great step towards personal sexual liberation. From clitoral vibrators to dildos and discreet bullet vibrators, we all have different preferences but if you do need more recommendations, FJ has you covered

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