Is Drake’s mansion a self-isolation nightmare?

Image via Architectural Digest
Words by Cait Emma Burke

Started from the bottom now he… lives alone in a luxury department store?

It’s been a fruitful week if you like gawking at ludicrous celebrity mansions. First, we had Pharrell’s community college style palazzo, followed by Justin Bieber’s manor which has been compared to everything from the Avengers HQ, a salad spinner to a stack of CDs.

And now Architectural Digest has blessed us with a tour of the shopping mall/nightclub/luxury department store/cavernous expanse of marble that Drake calls home.

The property measures 50,000 square feet and has some very chill, low-key amenities, like an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court complete with a 21-square-foot skylight, a two-story amethyst and crystal-encrusted closet that he houses a collection of Birkin bags in for his future wife (yes, really), and a black granite indoor swimming pool. See, low-key.

Looking at the obscene amount of neon light fixtures, gargantuan chandeliers and cold marble surfaces, it’s hard not to picture Drake self-isolating all alone, wandering around looking slightly bewildered that it takes him an hour to get from his bedroom to his kitchen.

To be honest, taking in his exceptionally extra abode makes me thankful that I live in a home that’s more, well, homely. As one Twitter user so aptly put it, “Drake’s home is the nicest Las Vegas hotel I’ve ever seen”.


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