LEGO is releasing an all-new Hogwarts Great Hall to satisfy your inner builder

Images via LEGO
Words by Veronica Stanford

Worthy of a place on the mantle.

LEGO is bringing back the magic, with an all-new Hogwarts set due to be released next month.

And while this edition is about the sixth Hogwarts release from the brand, the build promises to add new detail to the franchise’s most memorable location – The Great Hall.

Complete with 878 pieces, this mantle-worthy set includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy, Susan Bones, Hagrid, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Professor Quirrell and Nearly-Headless Nick, plus animals like Hedwig, the traitor Scabbers and the Basilisk.

You’ll also be able to fill the castle with items like The Mirror of Erised, The Sorting Hat, house banners and cauldrons. I’ve never been so excited at the prospect of playing with a children’s toy.

LEGO’s Hogwarts Great Hall will be available from August 1.


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