A massive ‘Game of Thrones’ graveyard just popped-up in Sydney

Words by Christina Karras.


After almost two years off the air, Game of Thrones is only days away.

And while GOT fans binge watch old episodes in preparation for the premier, Foxtel is going one better, revealing an immersive, world-first experience called ‘Grave of Thrones’ for Sydney fans.

It’s a mock graveyard that pays tribute to the bloodshed throughout the show, marking more than a hundred thousand deaths over the past seven seasons.

Located in Sydney, Centennial Park has been transformed into the final resting place for several of your favourite characters. There’s a family mausoleum honouring fallen House Stark members and a special headstone for Hodor. It also includes detailed headstones for the more infamous characters like Joffrey Lannister, Ramsay Bolton, Khal Drogo and Littlefinger, so you can pay your respects.

If you need to take a break from watching recaps, you can visit ‘Grave of Thrones’ from April 12 until April 14.


Grave of Thrones
Fearnley Grounds, Centennial Park, Sydney
Friday April 12 – Sunday April 14, 7am – 6pm

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