This vinyl decal will turn your toilet into the Iron Throne

Image via Game of Thrones
Words by Tara Smith

The closest we’ll get.

For many of us, the idea of ruling over the Seven Kingdoms is a distant reality.

However, one Etsy store is aiming to make your dreams come true, with the release of an Iron Throne wall decal to place over any seat in your kingdom home.

More specifically, the vinyl decal has been designed with the mightiest throne of all in mind – the toilet.

You can choose from four different colours (black, silver, gold and copper) with the sticker large enough to span the width of your toilet. Simply apply the adhesive sticker behind the tank, and step back in awe at your new Iron Throne.

The sticker will set you back around $40, and is available to purchase via Etsy here.

Otherwise, head here to purchase an Iron Throne pet bed for your four-legged friend.

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