7 Playboy playmates have recreated their covers almost 40 years later

Beauty is ageless.

It may come as a surprise but apparently, ol’ mate Hugh Hefner thinks beauty is ageless.

He had us fooled.

Playboy has asked seven of its former playmates to re-enact their iconic covers, in a pretty cool shoot.

The magazine says these former playmates remind us that “beauty is ageless, sex appeal is timeless and exuberance is eternal.”

We definitely agree with that statement but are a little surprised Playboy seems to agree. 

Then again, the mag does seem to be making positive steps forward, after delivering a recent rebrand.

The seven playmates (including Hef’s former wife, Kimberly Conrad Hefner) can be seen above recreating their covers from 1979 to 1991. 

Years later, they still look fantastic.

Via Playboy.

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