@_eavesdropper is your new favourite Instagram account

Eavesdropping on the streets of NYC.

There’s something inherent in human nature that means we just love to eavesdrop. Perhaps it’s that ‘grass is always greener’ complex, or the ‘naughtiness’ of eavesdropping but it seems a stranger’s conversation will always be infinitely more interesting than our own. 

So to feed our insatiable appetite for listening in on conservations, Instagrammer @_eavesdropper is doing the dirty work for us.

The anonymous ‘grammer posts overheard one-liners from around NYC, in all their typographic glory.

From gems like “do you want to talk about it here or next to my potato?” to pearls of wisdom such as “I honestly think laughing gas would be more effective than tear gas” we cannot stop scrolling.

Check out some of our favourites in the gallery above.

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