Pana Chocolate is re-releasing the Caramel Lava Egg

Get Hopping!!

In our minds, celebrating international holidays more than once a year is okay, yeah?

Christmas in July is almost better than the one in December, and celebrating Easter again in June is utterly necessary…#winterlayers. Pana Chocolate agrees, and in all the jamboree of Faux Easter, have developed a chocolate that appreciates the simplicity of holiday feels.

Pana Chocolate is re-releasing their extremely popular Caramel Lava Egg for a limited time only.

Selling out within hours of their release in March this year, they were a hot commodity (almost more than hot crossed buns) with healthified chocoholics going to great lengths to secure one.

Raw, organic, handmade, and vegan with no dairy, soy, gluten, or added sugar – and filled with the most delicious oozing caramel –  you too should be busting bunnies to get a hold of this golden egg.

Available at the Pana Chocolate shop in Richmond and Alexandria from Friday June 12 until Sunday June 21.



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