Stoned Crystals’ guide to choosing and caring for your crystals

Because we could all do with a little more zen in our lives.

Crystals are truly beautiful structures. They’re made up of tiny microscopic particles that form a unique lattice.

But there are so many and the whole crystal culture can be pretty overwhelming. Stoned Crystals breaks it down with a fresh take on five essential crystals to decorate your home, office or anywhere else that needs some zen.

1. Choose
The first step is choosing your crystal. Stoned Crystals simplify it with five crystals including Baby Blue (celestite) for confidence, communication, intellect, charisma and new ideas; Chevronica (amethyst) for insomnia, de-stress, meditation, memory and headaches; Clearboy (clear quartz) for focus, mind, purity, patience and positivity; Love Triangle (rose quartz) for love, romance, harmony, friendship and kindness; and Black Hex (obsidian) for insight, change, detox, clarity and balance. Choose the message that resonates with you the most.

2. Cleanse
Stoned Crystals recommend a number of cleansing techniques for your crystal. Rinse it under water, soak it in salt water, cover it in dry salt, pass it through the smudgy smoke of herbs, place it near sound vibrations from music, or suspend it in dry salt in a separate container. They say that crystals pick up negative energies over time so it’s a step to do when you receive your crystal and regularly afterwards.

3. Charge
You’re supposed to charge the crystals once you’ve received them so they don’t feel flat. Leave them to recharge in the sunlight, moonlight, or during a celestial event like the solstice, equinox, full moon or new moon.

4. Activate
This is the time to really get your zen on. Just sit, close your eyes, relax, breathe, quietly hold your crystal and set some goals.

5. Chakras
If you’re into yoga, you’ll know what a chakra is. They’re basically energy centres that run down the middle of your body and are related to acupressure points. Crystals correspond to at least one of seven chakras including the crown chakra (representing our ability to be fully connected spiritually), third eye chakra (our ability to focus on the big picture), throat chakra (our ability to communicate and express ourselves), heart chakra (represents our ability to love), solar plexus chakra (our ability to be confident and in control of our lives), sacral chakra (our ability to accept others and take new experiences) and root chakra (represents our foundation and feelings of being grounded). Keep that in mind when choosing your crystal.


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