Stop what you’re doing: Coffee Coca-Cola has arrived in Australia


Remember when we reported that Coffee-flavoured Coca-Cola was a thing in Japan?

Well, after a long, gruelling two weeks, it’s finally arrived on Australian shores (with a few differences).

The new bev’s recipe is different to its Japanese counterpart, containing no sugar and less caffeine than a standard latte or flat white. Its flavour is allegedly a fresh take on classic Coke, but with the added aroma of real coffee and subtle caramel undertones. This could be a recipe for greatness.

Though, if you want my opinion, the name could be a little jazzier. Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar? So creative, guys.

The new and improved Coke will be rolling out nation-wide from today. If it’s half as good as Vanilla Coke, they’re onto a winner.


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