We asked 4 entrepreneurs their tips for creating a successful business

Because we want some of their success.

We know firsthand it’s pretty hard to get your foot into the door of the fashion industry, so we love helping you out where we can. We’ve just launched FJ Careers, an all-new destination where you can browse job and internship opportunities in the Australian fashion industry and help grow your career.

We’ve also reached out to four of the most successful young entrepreneurs we could think of, for their number one piece of advice. Here’s what the brains behind Triangl, Frank Body, The 5TH and Tiger Mist had to say about starting your own business (in convenient listicle form).

1. “The customer is everything”
– Craig Ellis and Erin Deering, founders of Triangl

Everything we do is done with the customer as our complete focus.

Product design, website functionality, social media presence – we are always thinking of ‘what would our customer want to see, want to wear, want to hear about?’

We also focus heavily on the Customer Care Experience on our website – through our 24/7 presence, and also being actively visible to our customers on our social media pages and replying to all the comments we receive.

This is how we have been from day one and it has helped us get through every discussion on the direction of our business.

2. “Do what you love and don’t follow a path that someone else thinks you should”
– Alex McBride, founder of The 5TH

We’re all different and we all want different things from life. But if you want to be successful in business you need to really love what you do, and believe in what you do. It requires an insane amount of hard work, persistence, ability to lead, and a bit of luck.

Often in life we’re told we should ‘become something’ when we grow up. This manifests in us to following a certain direction. But if it doesn’t feel right, you’ll find yourself getting tired and weary, and things start to require more effort.

When you follow your own path and trust your instincts, things will flow in the right way. I’m in a position I’ve never been in before, doing things I’ve never done before. But it’s exciting because things keep working out. If you can get an idea on what your true path is, you’ll be successful, regardless of what happens.

3. “Do what keeps you sane”
– Jess Hatzis, director and cofounder of Frank Body

Learn when to say no. Carve out time for yourself and be steadfast about keeping it. You need you time. One hour for the gym, a TV show, a walk, a book. Do whatever it is that keeps you sane. Then you work like a maniac for the rest of the day.

4. “Always look for the next big thing to stay ahead in the industry, trust your gut, be genuine and work hard”
– Stevie Cox & Alana Palister, founders of Tiger Mist

For us, we’re all about the next big thing in regards to social media. You can’t remain idle in an industry driven by Instagram and Snapchat, particularly where your main marketing channels are these social media platforms. Our girl wants constant engagement and excitement and we always want to deliver on this. Equally as important, and something that’s served us well, is trusting your gut, being genuine and working hard. We don’t make any move that doesn’t feel right for us and our business, and we’re never disingenuine in what we do.

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