First look: Sahara Beck becomes Queen of Hearts in new music video

Words by Indah Dwyer

Give her the throne.

Electropop musician Sahara Beck has dropped the music video for her single ‘Queen of Hearts’, and it’s as devilish as it is delightful.

We can probably all relate to the feeling of having many conflicting characters inside us — Geminis, I’m looking at you — but together Sahara and director Natalie Sim give these private, often tortured sides of us a colourful life.

Sahara plays three different characters throughout the video, symbolising different versions of herself, with each contradicting the others in a new way — the traditionally feminine woman lazing in the pool, the ambitious boss driving a car with shades on, and the queen of hearts herself, resembling something between a devil and an angel.

With lyrical echos of “I could be anyone”, there is no denying that Sahara has explored every part of herself, before concluding that they all deserve the throne.

Watch the clip here.


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