KUČKA shot her new electronic music video in Liverpool with a group of children

Words by Ruby Staley

Back after a three-year hiatus.

Australian producer and vocalist, KUČKA, is back and in a big way.

After three years, Laura Jane Lowther, has finally released new work.

This time around, her vocals and production levels are more sophisticated than ever before.

Drawing inspiration from the feelings of homesickness and nostalgia she was experiencing after her recent move to LA, KUČKA’s Drowning is melancholic and deeply personal.

The avant-electronic track expertly blends lyrics with glowing synths and shuffling percussion.

On the personality of the track, KUČKA said, “I thought about my own life and times where I felt I was barely able to keep afloat and wanted to capture that feeling, but also wanted the track to feel optimistic as I definitely wasn’t in that place anymore.”

With additional production from none other than Australian electro royalty Flume, Drowning combines simplicity with hyper-digital textures to deliver an intimate yet intense sound.

Filmed on location in her hometown of Liverpool, the accompanying video features a delightful cast of very small, kinda staunch children. We love.

And with the announcement of a 2020 Laneway appearance, her single release comes at the perfect time.

You can see the rest of the line-up here and register for pre-sale tickets here.

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