Queen Bey hit with a $7 million lawsuit for plagiarism

‘DIVA’ is a female version of a hustler.

Are you ready B? Looks like Queen Bey is being hit with a $7 million lawsuit from her ex-backup dancer Ahmad Lane (also known on stage as Javon). Ahmad claims Bey plagiarised material for her 2013 single ‘XO’ that featured on her self-titled album released that same year.

He says that he gave his track titled ‘XOXO’ to Beyonce’s backup vocalist Chrissy Collins, who then left it in the hands of Beyonce herself.

Despite the similar titles, Beyonce’s people have denied everything, responding to the allegations, “The two works at issue are entirely different songs that share no lyrical or musical similarity, other than perhaps the letters ‘X’ and ‘O’… there is no meaningful similarity in pitch series, rhythm or rhythmic patterns, melodic development or structure.”

With her extensive collecton of Grammy’s, countless nominations and the millions of records that she’s sold, it’s all a little hard to believe bootylicious Bey would ever need to stoop this low. 

But we’ll let you be the judge… 

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