Alpine: Yuck

Dreamy pop done right.

New track ‘Foolish’ was a welcome return to the music scene for Melbourne group, Alpine. Three years since their immensely successful debut A is for Alpine, ‘Foolish’ was the first sweet taste of what would come from their sophomore release, Yuck.

The song perfectly reflects the album concept, lyrically and aesthetically. Yuck is a consistent flow of rhythmic electronic beats, slow steady drumming and soft guitar riffs. Of course, the most prominent element is the joint harmonies between power women Phoebe Barker and Lou James. The two blend their voices beautifully. And while the album is perhaps at a slower pace than ‘Foolish’, the pair’s light voices keep you entranced throughout the duration of the album.

Standout tracks ‘Jellyfish’ and ‘Damn Baby’ are a clear indicator that Alpine is one alternative-pop group that is making music which will rival any other in the genre.

Yuck will leave you softly grooving, feeling uplifted and left in awe of the ability to mix soft folk-like music with electronic pop so seamlessly. 


Yuck is out now. 

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